General Information

Frequently Asked Questions


All changes to a residential unit must be approved by the Owners Corporation; changes to the internal fit-out of commercial premises do not require approval. Many aspects are covered in the Articles (see publications) and a register of alterations is maintained (see Publications).

Security doors to decks and courtyards have been given a blanket approval provided they are black (charcoal) in colour.

Contractors / Workmen hired directly by Unit Owners

Please ensure that all requests for contractors to access common areas to repair / install / service owners' installations, go through Link Corporate Services. Owners are also required to ensure that all contractors hired by them have appropriate Public Liability Insurance.

Garage Doors

The garage doors can malfunction either locking cars in (very frustrating if you have a plane to catch) or not closing. It is not easy to get a rapid response to such a situation. If the doors are locked closed there is a way to unlock the clutch mechanism so that the doors can be opened manually. Some long-term residents have been trained to open the doors – make yourself known in your area and you will likely find a person to contact. Link Corporate Services can also be contacted.

If the doors are stuck open this can often be simply a matter of re-setting the power switch; again some residents have been trained and can likely assist.

Herb Garden

A community herb garden is located in the south-east of the courtyard near the garbage hopper sheds. Please feel free to pick some fresh herbs anytime.

Hot Water

In residential units hot water is generated by gas in the basement carparks and cycled around all units. At each apartment there is a tempering valve that mixes the hot water with cold to give a temperature at or below the maximum of 50°C. If your hot water is cool or your cold water becomes warm it is likely that the tempering valve is faulty and needs replacing – call a plumber.


Insurance taken out by the Owners' Corporation covers damage caused to an individual unit from a fault on common property but it does not cover damage resulting from a fault in another unit. For example if the roof leaks and causes damage to the ceiling of your apartment, the Owners' Corporation must repair the cause and insurance covers the repair. If the leak occurs as a result of a plumbing problem in the Unit above, the owner that causes the problem must rectify and the damage resulting may be covered by your own insurance. A flow chart indicating the procedures to be used in the case of a fault is available on the website – PUBLICATIONS.


Internet is available through cable to each apartment (TransACT – TransWEB) as well as ADSL or wireless remote.


Under some circumstances the lifts may stop between floors. This is not uncommon when there is an "open-house" and children are allowed to play in the lifts. Write down the number of your Lift and the Building number. If the Lift is stuck you can call OTIS (24h hotline) on 1800 626 847. Tell them you come from Viridian Apartments in Printers Way - give them the Lift number and Building (e.g. Lift 3 in
Building C).

If you are stuck in the Lift itself press the bottom button (yellow) and hold for 5 seconds; the OTIS hotline will answer and get assistance.


Pets are welcome at Viridian but approval must be obtained from the Owners Corporation. The Owners' Corporation cannot unreasonably withhold consent to keep an animal. Permission may be withdrawn if the animal becomes a nuisance. Owners are expected to keep their animal within their premises. Pet litter should be disposed of properly – not dumped in garden beds. A Pet Register is maintained and is available to unit owners (see Publications).


Proximity Card – Write down the number on the bottom right hand side of the card and keep in a safe place. if you lose your proximity card (white plastic card used to access many doors and all lifts) report to Link immediately. This will allow your card to be cancelled and security maintained.

Garage Remote – Write down the number of your garage remote (underneath the bar code on the obverse side of the tag). If you lose the garage remote (blue tag) report to Link immediately. If the Garage remote fails to operate it is probably the battery – check if red light on to RHS illuminates. Batteries are readily available from specialty suppliers such as The Battery Factory, Battery World or from local pharmacies.

Vehicle Security – remove all valuables including proximity card, garage remote, money, GPS units, cameras, mobile phones, sunglasses – any item that may have a street value. Security cameras are installed but the most effective strategy is to remove anything that may attract interest. If you must leave items in your vehicle, record model and serial numbers as this may help police recover stolen items. A simple steering lock in addition to engine immobilisers will help make your vehicle less attractive.

Cost of Replacing lost cards/remotes – the cost for replacement is $125 per card or remote. Cards/remotes that cease to function will be exchanged at cost (nb replacement batteries are a cost to owner).

Internal Security – visitors can contact residents through intercoms located outside each foyer. For foyers with no lifts the internal intercom allows the resident to open the foyer door. For foyers serviced by lifts, the internal intercom allows residents to open the foyer door and provide access to their level in the lift. Methods of operation of the handset vary within the complex – those without lift access require only one button to be pressed to open the foyer door; those with lifts require both bottom buttons to be pressed.


All residential apartments are wired for TransACT that allows you to use such services as TransTV (cable television), TransTALK (telephone) and TransWEB (internet services). These and other services (including Free to Air TV) are distributed throughout the apartment via a HUB. The HUB appears complex but provides a wide range of options and specialist assistance may be required to set up. Communal TV antennas are located on the roof of each building.

A Special Levy was raised in 2007 to "backbone" Viridian for Foxtel. This allows residents to have Foxtel connected but some work is required to connect an apartment to the system – contact Foxtel.

Unwanted/Discarded Household Items

Rather than dump unwanted goods in the refuse bins (not permitted) or take them to the Mugga Lane tip, consider recycling or donating to charities.

Nearby charities
Salvation Army – Mildura Fyshwick - near Fyshwick Markets (will pick up furniture)
YMCA – Eyre Street Kingston – opposite Kingston Grind (will pick up furniture)

As well as charities you may wish to consider

Whitegoods – fridge, dishwasher, washing machines. Phone 62886830 for free 7 day pick up.

Batteries - cars, bikes, boats, vans etc. Phone 62886830 for free 7 day pick up.

Bicycles – Phone 0450 310 268 for free pick up.

Computer Hardware – take advantage of free annual computer recycling weekends at Canberra's Rubbish dumps (advertised in the local press).

Useful Tradespeople

The following tradesmen have undertaken work at Viridian; no implied recommendation is to be inferred.

William Edmunds P/L. 6295 6846
Attention Plumbing Services - Steve Owen. 0414 476174 (w) or 6291 7490 (h)

Intrahub wiring
Florian 0418 630422; Jason. 0408 585244

Ben Darlington, Maritex Electrical. 0412 557155

Balcony Glass Doors
All Points Glass. 6297 8475

Security Screen Doors
Canberra Security Doors and Screens. 6242 6444

Kleenmaid appliances
Jeff Wilson – Etronics value. 0424 153645 or 6254 6552